Zamzam Ibrahim

Vice President of European students Union

Zamzam Ibrahim, Vice President of European students Union, a co-founder of Students Organising for Sustainability, Vice-Chair Muslim Leadership foundation and the former National President of the National Union of Students, UK. Zamzam has served in the student movement for over 5 years, as both a sabbatical officer at the University of Salford Students’ Union and as President of the national union of students. Now representing over 20 million students across Europe, Over the years she has represented students across further and higher education on a local, national, and international level, Zamzam’s focus is on defending, promoting, and extending the rights of students to make a real difference to their educational experience. Zamzam has lead work on tackling the rise of racism in society, she campaigned on climate justice. She has worked in particular on embedding climate education into the educational framework, shifting the focus of the work on climate change to look at its impact on the global south and working-class communities.  She’s the first Muslim woman to be elected to the European students union and the most senior Muslim woman leader in student politics across Europe, She has been a leading voice for a number of years against the rise in hate crimes against the most marginalized in society. 

Zamzam is a co-founder of Students Organising for sustainability which is a charity born out of the work NUS has done in sustainability, she is a trustee of both the international and UK organization working in partnership with European national students’ unions. SOS was founded to bring together student groups globally – to facilitate collaboration on research, campaigns, and communications, to help increase capacity, and to forge a loud student voice on sustainability at a political level. SOS has begun talks with the UN Environment program about going into partnership with them, to lead their youth development program. Zamzam works nationally and internationally with students organizing for sustainability from the Green Impact project to various divestment projects. Zamzam has spoken on numerous panels in the UK and in Europe about the role students and young people play in tackling the climate emergency. Zamzam is working closely on the environment bill, that is currently going through the UK Parliament, and is preparing the student body for mass lobby alongside the Climate Youth strikes, Wildlife Trust, WWF, and SOSUK.