Mohsin Ansari

President of ICNA

Dr. Mohsin Ansari is a Pediatrician by profession. Dr. Ansari is a fellow of American academy of Pediatrics and a faculty member of University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dr. Ansari is author of multiple research papers published both in national and international medical journals. Dr. Ansari is a lifelong worker of Islamic movement. He is been associated with ICNA (the largest grass root Islamic organization of USA, the Islamic Circle of North America) since 1994. He has served ICNA in different leadership roles, as Regional President, Member of Executive Board, elected member of Central Shura and the Chairman of ICNA Relief USA. Dr. Mohsin Ansari just completed his term as the Vice President of ICNA and also as the Chairman of HHRD (Helping Hand USA). Helping Hand USA is an outstanding international relief organization of America which serves humanity irrespective of race, color, gender and religion and has operations in 51 different countries across the globe. Both ICNA Relief and HHRD supported millions during current Covid 19 epidemic both in USA and in numerous countries across the world 

He was recently elected as the President of Islamic Circle of America (ICNA).  He is also currently serving as the Chairman of Board of Directors of USCMO which is the representative umbrella organization of American Muslims.