A Message from the Secretary-General

The nations of the world face both diverging challenges and shared struggles as they dedicate their national resources and energies towards development, growth, and sustainability. A constant thread binds them all, however, regardless of geographic or economic circumstance: youth.

In nearly every matter of significance touching on the function, future and development of nations, youth are the common denominator found through it all, either as unapplied human capital and lost innovation or as powerful engines for growth, dynamism, and civic engagement.

To this end, strengthening the capacities, role, and potential of our youth is not only a matter of justice and good governance but of strategic necessity to the future and prosperity of our regions, nations, and communities.

This can only be achieved through attention to education, civic engagement and participation, youth leadership, women’s empowerment, and promoting the scientific, critical, and innovative capacities that are essential to synergy, regional cooperation and stability, and the development of nations.

To this end, IIFSO not only seeks to support youth in holding wholesome, engaged, and constructive roles within their societies, but also seeks to provide them with the means to transcend the challenges they face by providing them with the toolkits, skills, and grounding to organically address not only the contentions of the present but the strategic questions of the future their nations and communities face.

In this spirit, IIFSO is dedicated to instilling youth with civic responsibility, social responsibility, strategic foresight, innovative mindsets, and a rooted sense of Islamic solidarity.  This strategy is critical to outlining the steps IIFSO seeks to take towards cultivating and engaging our youth today, in terms of entrepreneurship, empowerment, scientific inquiry, education, civic engagement, and social responsibility.

In these turbulent times, it is perhaps more than ever imperative that we raise and guide the youth of our societies for a hopeful future, rooted in the values of untiring determination, unwavering dedication, and steady social responsibility.

This major endeavor will require the energies of all IIFSO member states, the efforts of which can only be made sustainable through the engagement of various stakeholders, and made all the more critical by all that we stand to lose, and all the more necessary by all that our nations stand to gain.

For the next few years, IIFSO’s main priorities will be guided by the IIFSO Strategy and Plan of Action. Our solidarity and united action, taken with our commitments to our youth will be amplified as reflections of the political will of those tirelessly striving to improve the condition of youth throughout the Muslim world and beyond.

With your strong support, we will focus on the empowerment of youth by tackling issues of unemployment, furthering innovation and entrepreneurship, while ensuring that the struggle against Islamophobia, radicalization, extremism, and disenfranchisement remain key items of our agenda.

It is my hope and belief that under my tenure, IIFSO will make significant achievements in the beginning of a major undertaking that can only end with the prosperity and advancement of our fellow member states and peoples.

Our efforts must be united, in the spirit of true cooperation and solidarity, while building inclusive partnerships with the youth of all ages and genders, and further strengthening our contribution towards youth empowerment and sustainable development.

To move further with our vision and mission, we have set many strategic goals that will make all the difference for youth engagement, partnership, leadership, and capacity-building. We must continue to recognize and empower the positive contributions of youth while respecting their diversity, needs, and hopes.

To succeed, we will need the continued commitment and support of all youth, organizations, Members States, and networks of partners.




Enes Yalman