Ahmad Maeno 

Director, Japan Muslim Association

Ahmad Maeno embraced Islam in January 1994 at the age of 18 after coming back from Melbourne, Australia, having studied over there about a year as an exchange student. After graduating from Osaka University of Foreign Studies majoring Arabic language (1999) and some work experience at a Japanese company in Osaka and Nagoya Mosque, he went to Damascus in 2000 seeking the Sacred Knowledge of Islam.  

Since then he has had the honour of studying at AbunNoor Islamic Institute (later called “Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro Institute”), then Fath Islamic Institute, Sharee’ah Department in “Takhassus (Specialty)” division (graduated in 2009) as well as studying various Islamic Sciences under some of today’s foremost scholars.

After coming back from Damascus at the end of August 2006, he started working at the Japanese Oil & Gas exploration company in Tokyo in order to aquire “the understanding of reality (Fiqh Al-Waaqi’)” and serving for the sake of Allah in his private time through delivering lectures on the Sacred Knowledge of Islam and other Da’wah activities. He resides in Gyotoku, Chiba prefecture, near the Hira Masjid with his wife and 5 children.

His aim and lifetime motto is simply “Rooting Islam in Japan”.